Kev and Rob's Road Trip Europe 2011


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off aerial attacks on Allied troops. "Every time we shot the guns, I prayed to the Lord I didn't kill anybody," said Schumacher, a devout Catholic. "I just wanted to scare them away. I didn't want to kill, but that was my job." Schumacher said he was in many frightening situations, but he wasn't injured. However, he was hospitalized. He retired about 30 years ago from Oscar Mayer, where he was a supervisor in the advertising department. "Flying coffin"When Ray Nelson was drafted, he was a farmboy who loved to fly through the air from his family's homemade ski jump hill in Trempealeau County. He put in for ski patrol duty, but the Army had another kind of flying in mind for him. Gliders were an alternative to parachuting soldiers and gear into battle that ensured they would land together as a unit. The downside was that gliders made big
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Smyrna man killed in multi A Smyrna man was killed in a multi car pileup that shut down I 75 northbound in Bartow County
Cheap NFL jerseys before daybreak Tuesday. According to Cartersville police Maj. when the driver of a Ford truck lost control and spun out just north of the I 75 bridge over the Etowah River. The Ford was then hit by a Honda Accord, and both drivers got out of their vehicles, which were in the left emergency lane and partially in the left travel lane. A third car tried to avoid the first accident, swerving to the left and hitting the wire guardrail in the median, Camp said. A fourth car, also a Honda Accord, then swerved to the left to avoid the accident, but struck the driver of the Honda involved in the initial crash, knocking him across the median and killing him, according to Camp. "An ambulance with Central Ambulance came upon the scene and stopped to help, but a fifth car ended up striking the ambulance's rear bumper, causing minor damage," he said. Camp said no charges have been filed, but the investigation is ongoing. The identity of the motorist killed in the wreck has not been released, but Camp said he was from Smyrna.

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